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A Week In Film #359: Eighties feel

Jade title screen
William Friedkin directs Joe Eszterhas’ script about a driven ADA (David Caruso) investigating a brutal high profile murder, and coming into contact with mysterious woman Linda Fiorentino. Less classy than it thinks it is.

Flashback title screen
Affectionate look back at the sixties from an eighties perspective, with repressed young FBI agent Kiefer Sutherland given the task of bringing in ageing hippie fugitive Dennis Hopper, wanted for a prank involing vice president Spiro Agnew twenty years earlier. It’s a road movie, a buddy movie, a fun movie. By Franco Amurri.

Rubble Kings title screen
Rubble Kings
Engaging look at gang life in The Bronx in the 70s, and how they came together for a Warriors-style peace summit, by documentarist Shan Nicholson.

The Package title screen
The Package
Weary army veteran Gene Hackman escorts deserter Tommy Lee Jones back from West Berlin, only for it to go tits-up and all conspiracy thriller. Lacks thrills. Directed by Andrew Davis.

Without A Clue title screen
Without A Clue
Not wholly successful Conan Doyle pastiche, with Ben Kingsley as a Dr Watson who is the real investigatory powerhouse, inventing Sherlock Holmes and hiring drunken actor Michael Caine to be him. By Thom Eberhardt.

Sightseers title screen
Ben Wheatley’s masterful exploration of mundanity and murder, with odd couple Steve Oram and Alice Lowe going on a road trip across the Midlands and northern England.

Sometimes In April title screen
Sometimes In April
Affecting drama about the Rwandan genocide seen through the relationship of two Tutsi brothers caught up in it on different sides (Idris Elba and Oris Erhuero), from Raoul Peck.

The Presidio title screen
The Presidio
San Francisco city cop Mark Harmon clashes with former Army buddy and now provost marshal Sean Connery over murders connected to an army base. INconsequential but time-passing genre thriller from Peter Hyams.