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A Week In Film #564: 100% Rewinds

6 Days title screen
6 Days
Solid if stolid take on the Iranian embassy siege, with Billy Elliott as SAS hardnut Rusty Firmin.

Valkyrie title screen
Bryan Singer’s pedestrian take on the Stauffenberg plot to assassinate Hitler.

The Hunt For Red October title screen
The Hunt For Red October
Muscular John McTiernan screening of Tom Clancy’s technothriller about a CIA analyst (Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan) trying to determine just what a rogue Soviet sub commander (Sean Connery) is planning to do. Sort of compelling.

Klute title screen
Director Alan J Pakula and cinematographer Gordon Willis pull together a decent if not essential dry run for the superior paranoia thriller classics The Parallax View and All The President’s Men. Donald Sutherland is the private eye who becomes embroiled with call girl Jane Fonda in pursuit of a missing businessman, whilst shadowy forces swirl around them.

North West Frontier title screen
North West Frontier
I’d never noticed before quite how like Ice Cold In Alex this was before – both helmed by J Lee Thompson. This is definitely the runt of that particular litter, and with it a much less palatable imperial flavour. Still, some highly memorable scenes and performances.

Kenneth More is excellent as a stiff upper lipped British Army officer charged with protecting the young son of a Hindu maharajah, in the face of widespread Muslim rioting and massacres. A glorious cast – Lauren Bacall, Herbert Nom, Wilfrid Hyde-White, I S John, Ursula Jeans, Eugene Deckers, S M Asgaralli and Sam Chowdhary – make what is otherwise a rather mediocre picture sparkle somewhat.

A Week In Film #239: Clay and plastic

A Matter Of Loaf And Death title screenA Matter Of Loaf And Death
The fourth Wallace and Gromit film, this time with our heroes starting up their own bakery business – just as bread makers are getting bumped off…

Found it a bit of a retread of A Close Shave, itself not a patch on the first two – but anyhow, still rather diverting.

The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit title screenThe Curse Of The Were-Rabbit
I think stretching out Wallace and Gromit whimsy to feature length is a hiding to nothing; not my taste, really.

Valkyrie title screenValkyrie
One long advert for The Nazis You Can Eat Without Spoiling Your Appetite, with short-arsed scientologist going all wooden hands-and-eyepatches as crusty Bavarian coup plotter von Stauffenberg in Bryan Singer’s X2-ish take on WWII.

Not terrible, but definitely not great.