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A Week In Film #166: Cartoons and a remake

Awesome Pixar CGI animated feature about an old guy, Carl Fredrickson, who decides to pursue the dreams of his childhood, after the death of his beloved wife. That dream involves lots of helium-filled balloons, a trip to Venezuela’s tepui mountain ranges, a Lindergh-esque explorer and his talking dogs (oh, plus a chubby little boy scout along for the ride).

By turns funny, sad and uplifting (well, you would hope so), a wonderful film (and my wee man agreed).

Boring Blue Skies Studios CGI animated feature about some exotic bird or other who ends up somewhere or other, but is then birdnapped or something, and has to do something to get back to somewhere, and learns something about life, or something.

About the only thing that held my attention was Jermaine Clement from Flight Of The Conchords as a villainous cockatoo, Nigel. Aside from that, very dull indeed (and my wee man agreed).

The Experiment
Frankly awful American remake of Oliver Hirschbiegel’s excellent Das Experiment, like the original a dramatic reimagining of the events of the Stanford prison experiment.

Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring directs flashily, but for some reason excises huge amounts of what made the original so powerful, adds pointless extra violence, omits characterisation, and manages to drop massive gurt plot holes all over the shop. Oscar winners Adrien Brody (all ripped torso and wet-eyed broodiness) and Forest Whitaker (his all-too-usual mumbling-and-blinking schtick) lead the cast.