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A Week In Film #380: Mediocrity

Cop title screen
Hardcore, misanthropic take on a James Ellroy novel, with James Woods perfectly cast as a shitbag LA cop on the trail of a serial killer. No classic, and with a very silly climax, but worth a spin.

Target title screen
Dull ‘my dad was a spy’ picture with Gene Hackman and son Matt Dillon chasing around Europe looking for kidnapped mom Gayle Hunnicutt. Definitely not Arthur Penn’s finest work.

Under Suspicion
Very stagey one, this – cops Morgan Freeman and Thomas Jane try and browbeat rich asshole tax lawyer Gene Hackman to admit he’s a pervey killer. Some commendable performances but doesn’t really go anywhere. Monica Bellucci could have had more to do. Confidently helmed with occasional artistic flourishes by otherwise journeyman director Stephen Hopkins.