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A Week In Film #284: Downers

Blue City title screen
Blue City
Man returns to Florida hometown after many years away, and hunts killer of his police boss dad. Corruption is uncovered.

Thoroughly disappointing confluence of Ross Macdonald noir novel with a post-Bratpack Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson. Certainly not the wisecracking thriller it wants to be, and that’s before you realise David Caruso is in it. Bizarre, given that it’s co-written by beefy action specialist Walter Hill, and Lukas Heller, who previously gave us The Dirty Dozen, Too Late The Hero, The Flight Of The Phoenix, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? and The Killing Of Sister George, and is directed by former John Hughes collaborator Michelle Manning.

True Colors title screen
True Colors
Now this is a far stronger post-Bratpack offering: like a darker, more brooding Class, minus its The Graduate plot theft. Here we have WASPy blue blood James Spader and John Cusack as the blue collar kid hungry for a better life becoming best buddies at college and then moving into careers as a Department of Justice investigator and a Congressional staffer.

Compelling drama from Herbert Ross, perhaps better known as a director of comedies, with a strong look well-lit by Dante Spinotti, and muscular performances from the likes of Richard Widmark, Mandy Patinkin and Paul Guilfoyle. Imogen Stubbs is effectively a character transplanted from a Greek tragedy, but still plays it sympathetically.

The Mean Season title screen
The Mean Season
Burned out crime reporter Kurt Russell is trying to leave Miami but is held back to cover one last story – a serial killer who will only communicate through him. Moderately diverting thriller from Philip Borsos, with cast that includes Mariel Hemingway, Andy García, Joe Pantoliano, Richard Masur and Richard Jordan.

A Week In Film #024: Early summer sun, late spring showers, still silent policemen

Damien: Omen II title screen

Damien: Omen II
Haven’t seen this since the original trilogy was shown late night on ITV in about 1990. By now our devil child is enrolled in military academy alongside his cousin. It’s all about puberty, ‘I don’t understand what’s happening to me’ and shit. Some good scenes (one shamelessly stolen from The Birds, another is familiar to viewers of The Dead Zone) and a creepy teen Damien. Lance Henriksen does a good (actually, make that bad) turn as a platoon sergeant.

Omen III: The Final Conflict title screen

Omen III: The Final Conflict
By now our antihero is a suave and handsome businessman, completely self-aware and ready to fuck shit up. Sam Neill is deliciously satanic. Mostly it’s all a bit hammy, though.

True Colors title screen

True Colors
John Cusack and James Spader as chalk-and-cheese best buds from college from opposite ends of the social spectrum whose lives diverge, morally and professionally. Dark, but could have been darker. The class prejudices are very distasteful.