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A Week In Film #498: Gettin’ there

Terror By Night
Silly but enjoyable train-bound Rathbone/Bruce Sherlock Holmes tale, with our heroes out to identify the dastardly villains seeking to steal a valuable diamond. It’s no The Lady Vanishes (which director Roy William Neill had been slated to helm before the project was passed to Hitchcock), but it is a breezily enjoyable hour.

44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shootout
One of my go-to ‘based on real events’ TV movie comfort food choices, and still holds up. Not a deep thinking movie, but certainly a well-put together one, with a strong cast.

The Wild Geese
Watchable turd, with thoroughly objectionable, reactionary politics, but strangely likeable performances. Ageing, alcoholic soldier-for-hire Richard Burton is pulled in to do a job in Africa by a dodgy corporation; he pulls together a team that includes Richard Harris, Roger Moore and Hardy Kruger.

Laughable action scenes, cringeworthy encounter between Kruger as an ex-SADF officer and Winston Ntshona as the imprisoned politician they’ve been tasked with installing as a new figurehead, but still plenty of dramatic moments (thanks to Burton and Harris, presumably on the production to pay off bar tabs). Directed by journeyman Andrew V McLagen, whose CV includes knocking off (The Devil’s Brigade) and sequelising (Next Mission) The Dirty Dozen , providing never-asked-for sequels to classics (Breakthrough and Return To The River Kwai), and trying to sustaining Moore with post-Bond action hero status (North Sea Hijack and The Sea Wolves).