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A Week In Film #215: Ho ho ho

Run! Bitch Run! title screen

Run! Bitch Run!
Damn. Just awful. Sure, it’s an homage to exploitation movies; but it’s just not very good. Some catholic school girls trying to proselytise knock at the wrong door in a bad part of town, and some horrible things happen. Badly written, acted, directed, edited. Helmsman Joseph Guzman’s next effort was Nude Nuns With Big Guns, so I guess he plans on finessing this formula. Be afraid.


The Walker
Low key Paul Schrader film about a middle aged gay man (Woody Harrelson) whose job it is to accompany the wives of the rich and famous to social engagements and generally be a bit witty. Then someone dies; it gets a bit dangerous. A conspiracy movie where all the conspiring is well in the background and instead the focus is on the relationships of those only tangentially connected to it. Not a masterpiece, but engaging, and with some decent parts for women actors, including Lauren Bacall, Lily Tomlin and Kristin Scott Thomas.

The Sting title screen

The Sting
Revenge, the Long Con, Redford & Newman, the rags, Robert Shaw getting done up like a kipper – George Roy Hill works damn hard to replay the pleasures of Butch & Sundance with another period partnership flick.

Moon title screen

Essentially just Sam Rockwell out there on his own, as a lone dude stuck on a moon base mining rocks for The Corporation. Shenanigans ensue. Rather enjoyable first feature from Duncan Jones, evoking stuff like Dark Star, Alien/Aliens, Silent Running and even Capricorn One.

The Little Drummer Girl title screen

The Little Drummer Girl
Less naff than I thought it would be, and in some respects far better than the novel (much shorter for a start), which was not le Carré’s finest. Diane Keaton is a liberal/radical chic American actress recruited to a convoluted Israeli intelligence operation aimed at ensnaring a major Palestinian player. There’s bombs and stuff. Yorgo Voyagis, Eli Danker and Klaus Kinski all work well with what they’ve got.

The Squeeze title screen

The Squeeze
1970s London gangster business from Michael Apted, with a somewhat miscast Stacy Keach as an alkie ex-cop caught up in a tiger kidnap plot. Of all people Freddie Starr(!) is his devoted spar, and there’s good heavies in David Hemmings, Alan Ford and Stewart Harwood working for scary Irish crime boss Stephen Boyd. Edward Fox is the straight guy having the screws tightened, Carol White (from Poor Cow) the collaterally damaged woman connecting him to Keach.

The Front Line title screen

고지전 AKA The Front Line
Diverting Korean War film, with a rag-tag bunch of ROK soldiers constantly losing and retaking a hill. There’s a strong strain of WAR IS HELL (naturally), and a mystery subplot which keeps things interesting in amongst the familiar tropes. The first Jang Hun film I’ve seen; on this evidence, someone worth a watch.