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A Week In Film #476: Revisiting

The Kingdom title screenThe Kingdom
Misfiring action thriller with Jamie Foxx leading a team of FBI investigators trying to hunt down the perpetrators of a terrorist attack on a compound for Westerners in Saudi Arabia. Some decent enough set pieces and interplay between actors, but no heart.

Home Alone title screenHome Alone
Fun live action cartoon violence courtesy of John Hughes and Chris Columbus.

TITLEthefirstgreattrainrobberyThe First Great Train Robbery title screenThe First Great Train Robbery
Another airing for Michael Crichton’s enjoyable Victorian crime caper with Connery, Sutherland and Down a strong central trio.

The Two Jakes title screenThe Two Jakes
Imperfect belated sequel to the Evans-Towne-Polanski-Nicholson classic Chinatown, here moving from its predecessor’s focus on water to an obsession over oil. By no means great, but still with plenty to enjoy.

A Week In Film #358: Fat week

Outlander title screen
Astronaut Jim Cavieziel crash-lands into iron age Norway, and must fight a Grendel-like monster. Enjoyable genre fare from Howard McCain.

Chinatown title screen
Forget it, Jake.

The Two Jakes title screen
The Two Jakes
Meg Tilly, Madeleine Stowe and Harvey Keitel join nicholson in the second part of the planned Gittes trilogy.

Miracle Mile title screen
Miracle Mile
Anthony Edwards is late for a first date with Mare Winningham on the very night nuclear war breaks out.

Pineapple Express title screen
Pineapple Express
Stoner comedy by David Gordon Green, with Seth Rogen, James Franco and Danny McBride having a very bad day.

The Enforcer title screen
The Enforcer
Feisty prosecutor Humphrey Bogart tries to bring down a gang boss. Sophisticated noir told in fractured flashbacks by Bretaigne Windrust.

1971 title screen
Documentary about political activists who burgled the FBI’s Media, Pennsylvania office and helped expose COITELPRO and other shenanigans.

Europa Report title screen
Europa Report
Ambitious low budget SF film about a search-for-life mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa, by Sebastián Cordero and featuring Christian Camargo, Anamaria Marinca, Michael Nyqvist, Daniel Wu and others.

Dressed To Kill title screen
Dressed To Kill
Brian De Palma hides his influences.

Non-Stop title screen
Some alcoholic sky marshal FULL NEESON business from Jaume Collet-Serra, who also did Unknown with Sir Liam.