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A Week In Film #026: Springing into action

Uncommon Valor title screen

Uncommon Valor
Gruff ex-military man Gene Hackman assembles a dysfunctional team of Vietnam vets (and Patrick Swayze) to spring his son and other MIAs from a Laotian prison camp. For all its right wing swagger, it’s still a well made, well acted film with moments of excitement and pathos.

An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder title screen

An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder
The less excellent follow up to the excellent original Q&A DVD featuring the foremost directorial proponent of the ‘Kevin Smith style’, Kevin Smith, this time in front of audiences in Toronto and London.

Sold Out: A Threevening With Kevin Smith title screen

Sold Out: A Threevening With Kevin Smith
The ‘better than 2, not as good as 1’ more-raconteur-than-auteur flick from Kevin Smith, taped in New Jersey on his birthday.

Redacted title screen

Rather dull and flat reimagination of American servicemen committing abuses in Iraq. Director De Palma’s choice to play it out through the ubiquitous eyes of cameras – soldiers’ camcorders, CCTV, a documentary filmmaker’s lens, night vision lenses, a covert insurgent camera – does little to pep things up, though there are two distinctly visceral moments which prove memorable. De Palma struggles with the material as much as he did with Casualties Of War, and the British TV movie The Mark Of Cain covered similar ground to much greater effect.

Pitch Black title screen

Pitch Black
Very good SF thriller about a space ship which crashlands on a far off, inhospitable planet, and the attempts of survivors to escape from it in the face of some very unfriendly locals. Introduces iconic shiny-eyed antihero Riddick (Van DERV), and features celebrity Scientologist Cole Hauser as a deliciously amoral bounty hunter.

The Chronicles Of Riddick: Dark Fury title screen

The Chronicles Of Riddick: Dark Fury
Rather dull animated spin-off from Pitch Black which fills the narrative gap between that film and its sequel, Chronicles Of Riddick.


In The Loop
Armando Iannucci’s foul-mouthed television paean to the moral vacuum at the dark heart of modern politics,The Thick Of It, retooled to a feature length analogue of the dodgy dossier scandal with the addition of some Americans and various actors from the TV series being assigned to different characters. Enjoyably unhappy.