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A Week In Film #021: G20 riot vans & un décès

The Take title screen (2008)

The Take (2007)

Rather well executed (if ponderous) story of a security guard (John Leguizamo) robbed, shot and suspected of being an inside man.

Shooting Fish title screen

Shooting Fish

This was what the British film industry looked like in 1997. I see that the (American) lead, Dan Futterman, later wrote the Capote screenplay.

Wanted title screen


Bloody awful comic book adaptation with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman paying the rent, and James McEvoy trying to break into Hollywood. It’s about weavers, and assassins, and, erm, stuff. Seems to have completely lost sight of what Mark Millar’s original was trying to say. The bullet bending stuff is nowhere as good as Equilibrium‘s Gun Kata.

Let's Go To Prison title screen

Let’s Go To Prison

Satisfyingly dark comedy about the American prison system, with Dax Shepard as John Lyshitski, a recidivist with attitude, and Will Arnett as Nelson Biederman IV, the son of his recently deceased arch-nemesis Judge Nelosn Biederman III.

The Omen title screen (1976)

The Omen

Gregory Peck, Billie Whitelaw, Lee Remick, Patrick Troughton and David Warner all taking their hocks up to eleven in the cause of a great schlocky horror about the antichrist. Three of the most memorable deaths in my film watching life, as well as a genuinely scary safari park moment, an unsurpassed stunt fall – with the lead actress’s face in shot!, the Waldorf salad chap from Fawlty Towers, and an unsettling ending.