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A Week In Film #347: Not a great week for movies

Gibraltar title screen
Gibraltar AKA The Informant
A bar owner with money problems is persuaded to become grass for French Customs. Another fine performance by Gilles Lellouche (La French, Mea Culpa, Mesrine: L’Instinct De Mort), decent direction by Julien Leclercq (D’Assaut).

The Outsider (2014) title screen
The Outsider (2014)
Tedious man-investigates-daughter’s-death revenger, with Craig Fairbrass(!) as the angry mercenary on the war path. In the interests of giving his picture more international credibility director Brian A Miller has persuaded (no doubt through the medium of cold, hard cash) two recognisable names – James Caan and Jason Patric – to rattle through a few short scenes which don’t even seem to match up with the primary plot in a manner so desperate it points towards them being Ponzi scheme victims or similar.

Allies title screen
Crappy post-D Day mission movie done on the cheap. Of note only because of the appearance of former footballer Frank Leboeuf as a French gunman.

Horsemen title screen
Instantly forgettable Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse-themed on-the-trail-of-a-psycho thriller with Dennis Quaid.

Tell title screen
Dull crime caper movie with Milo Ventimiglia, Jason Lee, Robert Patrick and Alan Tudyk.

The All Together title screen
The All Together
Really crappy British comedy drama, about uptight white collar drone Martin Freeman having his home invaded by various villains. With Danny Dyer, Velibor Topic, and others; seriously, it is too rubbish to even check.

Hot Girls Wanted title screen
Hot Girls Wanted
Depressing documentary about young women who step onto the porn conveyor belt, and how they are chewed up and burned out in a matter of months or weeks.

2012 title screen
Fairly fruitful environmentally-themed disaster blockbuster from Roland Emmerich, with big entourage cast including John Cusask, Thandie Newton, Amanda Peet, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Woody Harrelson, Oliver Platt and Danny Glover.

A Week In Film #323: Nerves and pits

The Hurt Locker title screen
The Hurt Locker
Jeremy Renner as as outsider bomb disposal expert in Iraq, slowly building a rapport with team members Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty. Contact moment with the British PMCs led by Ralph Fiennes stunning. Penned by Mark Boal (In The Valley Of Elah, Zero Dark Thirty), helmed by Kathryn Bigelow.

The Bourne Legacy title screen
The Bourne Legacy
Okay, so the post-Matt Damon series reboot, with Jeremy Renner as a genetically enhanced secret agent cut adrift, borrows heavily from its predecessors, but there are superb action sequences, and new director Tony Gilroy handles tension-ratcheting scenes like a pro.

A Belfast Story title screen
A Belfast Story
A criminal waste of Colm Meaney, here as a grizzled and weary old detective in Northern Ireland investigating a series of murders.

The Outsider title screen (1979)
The Outsider (1979)
A late 70s curiosity – idealistic plastic paddy Craig Wasson crosses the Atlantic to join the Provos and fight for his people, but soon finds himself a propaganda pawn in a dirty war. The only completed feature of writer-director Tony Luraschi, who on the evidence of this was no hack.

Harrigan title screen
A real wasted opportunity, given the creative vision underpinning it. Seventies Brit-noir with Stephen Tompkinson as a troubled detective returned to his native Newcastle after an unpleasant sojourn in Hong Kong. Some strong mood points and committed performances are let down by slack scripting and the overall cheapness permeating the look and feel. A shame.