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A Week In Film #486: Grundig

Despicable Me 2
A sequel which has grown on me – nice to get some more Gru, even though the pairing him up with Lucy Wilde of the Anti-Villain League thing did undermine some of the message of the previous one.

The Martian
One of the few Ridley Scott movies of recent years not ruined by it being a Ridley Scott movie. A pleasantly positive vibe throughout.

File alongside Welcome To The Punch, Cleanskin and Closed Circuit as another ‘almost’ British thriller from recent years. Here Noomi Rapace is an undercover CIA officer in London on the trail of a terrorist cell. Plenty of strong name talent (Orlando Bloom, Toni Collette, Michael Douglas, John Malkovich), and helmed by the experienced Michael Apted, but definitely no cigar.

Potty-mouthed pansexual masked mercenary shenanigans from Marvel.

A Week In Film #360: Allsorts

Strange Magic title screen
Strange Magic
If we’re charitable, a very mediocre CGI animated take on A Midsummer Night’s Tale from George Lucas’ tech shop, directed by Gary Rydstrom and featuring the voices of Evan Rachel Wood, Elijah Kelley, Meredith Anne Bull, Alan Cumming, Kristin Chenoweth, Maya Rudolph, Alfred Molina and Sam Palladio.

The Town title screen
The Town
Tight mid-budget crime caper flick, with Boston boy Ben Affleck adapting a Chuck Hogan’s source novel as well as starring in it. He leads a security van heist crew from a notorious Beantown neighbourhood, which includes pals Jeremy Renner, Slaine and Owen Burke. They take care of business, but the pressure is on.

Class Action title screen
Class Action
Solid courtroom drama from Michael Apted, with the reliable Gene Hackman as a liberal civil rights lawyer acting for clients injured by a car defect, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as his estranged daughter who is now a big corporate attorney hired by the auto company to defend the claim.

The Martian title screen
The Martian
Ridley Scott and Matt Damon give us an audience-frlendly spaceman-against-adversity drama in which a stranded astronaut must figure out how to survive alone on Mars until he can be rescued.

Home title screen
DreamWorks CGI feature about aliens invading Earth, with HILARIOUS CONSEQUENCES. Director Tim Johnson previously helmed Antz and How To Train Your Dragon, so knows the ropes.

Shaun The Sheep Movie title screen
Shaun The Sheep Movie
Does exactly what it says on the tin – and manages to make what is essentially an hour and a half-long silent movie feel effortless.