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A Week In Film #462: Genre

Red Eye title screen
Red Eye
Joyously silly genre thriller (shades of Nick Of Time) with hotel manager Rachel MacAdams tying to escape the clutches of a dangerous blackmailer whilst on a plane home at Christmas. Fun stuff from Wes Craven.

Murder At 1600
DC cop Wesley Snipes teams up with Secret Service agent Diane Lane to investigate a murder with political implications at the White House. Throwaway fluff of the sort I will lap up.

Spectre title screen
Dense but enjoyable neo Bond, with a satisfying plot that ties together the whole Craig era with previous canon. Strong work from Sam Mendes, with some excellent set pieces (continuous take Mexican day of the dead cold open, the Dennis Wheatley-eqsue meeting infiltrated by Bond, Bond’s capture and torture, the climactic chase) and energetic performances by Christolph Waltz Ben Whishaw and Andrew Scott.

The Incredibles title screen
The Incredibles
Top animated superhero shenanigans from Pixar, directed by Brad Bird.

Breezily fun Disney Renaissance take on the hoary old tale, with directors Ron Clements and John Musker letting Robin Williams run riot as the genie.

The Omen (1976) title screen
The Omen
Silly but very decent genre shocker, with peerless physical effects and expert timing from Richard Donner.

A Week In Film #227: STILL NOT PAID

The Wrong Trousers title screen

The Wrong Trousers
Possibly the zenith of the Wallace and Gromit shorts, with our chums pushed apart with the arrival of a suspicious penguin lodger… One long tribute to film, with hat tips to The Third Man, Westerns, spy films, heist movies, creature features, Warner Bros cartoons – pretty much everything except the kitchen sink drama.

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs title screen

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
I have to watch the Ice Age films all the time, but this one’s actually pretty good, largely down to Simon Pegg as a gone-a-bit-mad one-eyed weasel called Buck, who guides our regular crew (John Leguizamo’s sloth, mammoths Ray Romano and Queen Latifah, Denis Leary as a sabre-toothed tiger) through a strange world underneath their own.

Monsters, Inc. title screen

Monsters, Inc.
Probably my all-round favourite Pixar, with John Goodman and Billy Crystal as a pair of professional scarers caught up in a conspiracy.

The Incredibles title screen

The Incredibles
Fun animated revisionist superhero nonsense from Pixar.