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A Week In Film #364: Retreads

Despicable Me 2 title screen
Despicable Me 2
Enjoyable sequel, with Gru undercover at a mall on the hunt for super villain El Macho.

The Dark Knight Rises title screen
The Dark Knight Rises
Least best of the Nolan/Bale Batmen with the whole awkward Occupy/Anonymous angle, but it does have a great pre-credits prologue, and Tom Hardy doing a gravelly-voiced Bane, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as possible future Robin-before-he’s-Robin.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back title screen
The Empire Strikes Back
Snow, taun-tauns, a wampa, Yoda, hand amputations, Boba Fett, carbonite, pretty good.

A Week In Film #200: Summer’s back

Antifa: Chasseurs De Skins
Interesting documentary on militant anti-fascists in Paris from the 1970s onwards. A little bit structurally confused, but packed with fascinating footage and interviews with those who took on the cash as young men – many of them who continue to do so in middle age.

Definitely could have done with the participation of women, though.

The Eagle Has Landed title screen

The Eagle Has Landed
Knockabout counterfactual war shenanigans, with ‘honourable soldier’ Michael Caine leading his men into action on a crazy mission to capture Churchill in sleepy East Anglia. Donald Sutherland, Jenny Agutter, Robert Duvall, Sven Bertil, Treat Williams, Larry Hagman – fun times.

And again with Will Graham chasing down the Tooth Fairy, helped/hindered in equal measure by Brian Cox’s peerless Hannibal Leckter.

The Dark Knight Rises title screen

The Dark Knight Rises
Not sure I really dug this. Staged big, but seemed to be small-minded. Will have another crack at it sometime.

Loved it – especially off-the-grid hit man Eric Bana’s relationship with daughter Saoirse Ronan, and annoying teen Jessica Barden fencing with sickish right-on parents Olivia Williams and Jason Flemyng. Tom Hollander and Cate Blanchett both very watchable too.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
The Fincher version – and it grabbed me much tighter than the original. Rooney Mara astonishing as tightly wound hacker Lisbeth Salander, Daniel Craig providing solid priggishness as the hack-in-peril who brings her in on a job he has no hope of completing. Genuine moments of tension.

Nicholas Winding Refn’s big Hollywood calling card – very 70s existential road movie-influenced, The Driver, Vanishing Point, Electra Glide In Blue and all that – and it really did seem worth the hype. Ryan Gosling very good. Explosions of violence. Proper SUDDEN happenings. Approve.