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A Week In Film #239: Clay and plastic

A Matter Of Loaf And Death title screenA Matter Of Loaf And Death
The fourth Wallace and Gromit film, this time with our heroes starting up their own bakery business – just as bread makers are getting bumped off…

Found it a bit of a retread of A Close Shave, itself not a patch on the first two – but anyhow, still rather diverting.

The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit title screenThe Curse Of The Were-Rabbit
I think stretching out Wallace and Gromit whimsy to feature length is a hiding to nothing; not my taste, really.

Valkyrie title screenValkyrie
One long advert for The Nazis You Can Eat Without Spoiling Your Appetite, with short-arsed scientologist going all wooden hands-and-eyepatches as crusty Bavarian coup plotter von Stauffenberg in Bryan Singer’s X2-ish take on WWII.

Not terrible, but definitely not great.