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A Week In Film #293: Shed

The French Connection title screen
The French Connection
Ernest Tidyman (Shaft, High Plains Drifter) adapts Robin Moore’s pulpy non-fictioner about an intercontinental drug trafficking ring with gritty aplomb; William Friedkin directs with manic energy, giving us one of the best extended chase scenes in film, a dirty, pre-gentrified NYC as a character, and turning solid character actors Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider into dependable leading men (of a certain kind).

Heat title screen
Michael Mann refines and improves upon his earlier LA Takedown. It’s glossy, it’s overblown, and Pacino is in full HOO-HAH, but still, I don’t quite understand why so many people deride it.

The Aristocats title screen
The Aristocats
Walt Disney’s last movie, about some jazz cats in pre-WWI Paris. Not particularly memorable plot, given that I don’t remember anything about it.

Threads title screen
Grim nuclear holocaust business, with Sheffield getting nuked and everyone dead or dying. Didn’t realise director Mick Jackson later did a bunch of Hollywood stuff like The Bodyguard.