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A Week In Film #496: Reno

Low Winter Sun title screen
Low Winter Sun
Okay, so technically it’s a two-part TV drama, but structurally, thematically, quality-wise, it plays like a movie. We have a cold open into some seriously confusing shit – a drunken argument, a disagreement or something, in a location you can’t quite pin – then a sudden act of violence. And then the ball is sent slowly rolling down the hill.

Directed by Adrian Shergold (who did the good-but-flawed He Kills Coppers adaptation) from a Simon Beautiful Creatures Donald script, with Mark Strong and Brian McCardie (from Line Of Duty) impressive as a pair of Scottish police detectives.

The Abyss
James Cameron’s post-Aliens, pre-T2 earth-bound SF actioner, with estranged couple Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Ed Harris dealing with bad shit deep under the ocean, as hardcore Navy SEAL Michael Biehn loses it.

To Live And Die In L.A. title screenTo Live And Die In L.A.
I have not been able to get Wang Chung out of my brain.

Predator 2 title screenPredator 2
Enjoyably tacky sequel, with plenty of ticks in the plus column: Danny Glover, Bill Paxton, Gary Busey as a Fed, the shoot-outs, the new location, not taking itself too seriously, the slightly-in-the-future setting. Directed by Aussie Stephen Hopkins between a Nightmare On Elm Street sequel and Judgment Night.