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A Week In Film #158: Painful

Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut
Frankly unwatchable toga soap about Macedonian general-king Alexander the Great, with Oliver Stone twisting the ‘epic’ knob so far up that all you get is feedback drowning out what could have been a compelling historical drama.

Colin Farrell is kind of okay, there are some impressively staged battle scenes, and the bits trying to illustrate Alexander’s tactics are better than many similar film sequences, but overall it’s just unconvincing, dull, overblown.

Ted Bundy
On the other hand, Ted Bundy by Matthew Bright (who did the sparky, modern-day take on ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, Freeway) delivers a top little real life serial killer biopic for a fraction of Stone’s budget.

Following the facts of the case pretty accurately, Bright and his lead actor Michael Reilly Burke excel at conveying Bundy’s narcissism and brittle charisma. The brutality is not shied away from, though it is leavened by some particularly dark humour.