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A Week In Film #552: Tipping over

Gladiator title screen
Don’t think I’ve properly watched this since seeing it in the cinema, and whilst it absolutely slaughters actual history, there’s some great old school epic moments in it, and the integration of the CGI is pretty damn strong. Joaquin Phoenix makes for a great baddie. Fucking Ridley Scott, though – it definitely prefigures the clusterfuck of Prometheus and Covenant.

Baby Driver title screen
Baby Driver
Edgar Wright’s savant getaway driver flick – zesty enough, but lacks oomph. Great cast though. And soundtrack, obviously.

Spider-Man: Homecoming title screen
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Half-watching, can’t say it grabbed me, but cast seemed endearing. With Tom Holland in the red costume, Jon Watts in the director’s chair.

Snatch title screen
Not seen it in years. Stephen Graham looks so young! Has its moments.

Shimmer Lake title screen
Shimmer Lake
Best new film I’ve seen in ages – low key little detective story with surprises in store. Benjamin Walker stars as a small town sheriff, Rainn Wilson is his idiot brother, Adam Pally his tetchy partner, Rob Corddry and Ron Livingston a pair of visiting Feds. Highly confident film making from Oren Uziel.

I Am Mother title screen
I Am Mother
So-so SF business, with a young woman raised by a robot as the last human survivor of a planet-wide extinction event starts to question what the machines are telling her.

Wth Clara Regard, Hilary Swank and Rose Byrne, directed by Grant Sputore from a script by Michael Lloyd Green.