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A Week In Film #260: Signed up

Scanners title screenScanners
Cheers, Mubi – nice bit o’ Cronenberg, all head exploding and creepy companies and weird shit. Probably prefer De Palma’s The Fury, which cuts out the body horror stuff and has a more satisfyingly manipulative narrative, but still has its moments. AND DARRYL REVOK!

Porco Rosso title screenPorco Rosso
Tasty piece of Ghibli, sort of one foot in reality and the other in fantasy – as sky pirates terrorise the Adriatic between the world wars, pursued by the titular maverick pig-pilot.

A Week In Film #161: Chilly beans

David Cronenberg, ESP warriors, corporate spies, double- and triple-cross, private sector venality… A classic and still very much watchable.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Silly fratpack sports comedy which knows it is silly and not really about sport. Never a contender for a right-on award, but warmer than most of its ilk.

Smart People
Slight, indie-ish comedy-drama about an unlikeable college prof (Dennis Quaid) and his family. Sort of alright, but feels too much like the production team were consciously tweaking the As Good As It Gets and Little Miss Sunshine dials.

A Week In Film #012: Dozen down

Battle Royale title screen

Batoru Rowaiaru/Battle Royale
Bit of a let down, I found. Delinquent Japanese school children are dumped on a remote island with weapons, and have to fight their way off – no quarter given, last pupil standing.

Bloody Pit Of Horror title screen

Il Boia Scarlatto/Bloody Pit Of Horror
Bizarre Italian horror, about a bunch of models on a photographic shoot for pulp paperback covers getting topped in a spooky old castle.

Sorcerer title screen

William Friedkin tackles The Wages Of Fear; four men running away from their pasts end up on a suicide mission driving unstable explosives in the jungle.

55 Days At Peking title screen

55 Days At Peking
Turgid, never-ending propaganda epic about the Boxer Rebellion.

Scanners title screen

David Cronenberg’s mind warrior thriller, works well in a double ill with De Palma’s The Fury.