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A Week In Film #319: Lebküchen

DeepStar Six title screen
DeepStar Six
Not the best underwater thriller of 1989 (that would be The Abyss courtesy of Cameron and Hurd), featuring Taurean Blacque from Hill St Blues, Greg Evignan from My Two Dads, and some other people. Pretty unmemorable.

The Black Panther title screen
The Black Panther
Intense British true crime business in a faux verité style; Donald Sumpter is superb as murderous robber Donald Neilson, Ian Merrick directs impressively in his debut.

Total Recall (2012) title screen
Total Recall (2012)
Thoroughly unnecessary remake – all CGI and no giggles – but with its moments, and some strong action scenes. The greater depth given to the societal context of the world in which everything unfolds is interesting. Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel are not terrible; Len Wiseman doesn’t fuck things up as much as he did with Die Hard 4.

Whiteout title screen
Murder mystery at Antarctic scientific base; US Marshal Kate Beckinsale is quickly on hand to investigate. Could have been an intriguing The Thing-style thriller, but instead director Dominic Sena manages to make it dull.

Rundskop title screen
Rundskop AKA Bullhead
Very impressive drama about Flemish rogue cattle traders and the illegal use of hormones to maximise profits. Sounds not too promising, but with performances like those of Matthias Schoenaerts as a troubled farmer and tight direction from Michaël R Roskam, this is a quality offering.