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A Week In Film #312: Cued up

Snowpiercer title screen
South Korean/French SFer, set in a dystopian future world where climate collapse has led to an ice age, leaving humanity’s survivors trapped in a class-segregated super train trundling forever along its tracks.

Director Bong Joon-Ho keeps things visually arresting, despite the claustrophobic setting, Chris Evans makes a great everyman blue collar joe trying to do the best for his comrades stuck in the shit pit at the back of the train. Tilda Swinton turns in a memorable performance as a higher caste passenger.

Red Hill title screen
Red Hill
A modern High Plains Drifter/Ox-Bow Incident-style noir-western set out in the Australian bush, with Ryan Kwanten (a Home And Away alumnus best know for True Blood) as a city cop transferred out into the country with his pregnant wife Claire van der Bloom. Steve Bisley is brimming with testosterone as the local ’sheriff’. An impressive first feature from writer/director Patrick Hughes.