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A Week In Film #438: Without incident

Phantom (2013) title screen
Phantom (2013)
A not wholly unsuccessful thriller about a 1980s Soviet submariner (Ed Harris) who must overcome the odds in order to avoid precipitating World War 3. Decent cast includes William Fichtner, Lance Henriksen and David Duchovny, and director Todd Robinson is perfectly competent, though it’s lacking in the pizazz department.

The Flight Of The Phoenix title screen
The Flight Of The Phoenix
Minor Robert Aldrich action melodrama, imbued with more than a hint of Ice Cold In Alex.

Here a burnt out commercial pilot (Jimmy Stewart) finds himself ditching in the middle of the Sahara with a hold full of passengers being ferried to Benghazi after a stint working at a remote oil installation. With the water supply fast running out and no working radio, they must figure out a way to get to civilisation – and arrogant German aero engineer Hardy Kruger thinks he knows how.

Some great character actors – including Dicky Attenborough as the navigator; Peter Finch as a stiff-upper-lip British officer, and Ronald Fraser as his had-it-up-to-here sergeant; Ian Bannen as a sarcastic Scot; doctor Christian Marquand; quiet older fellow Dan Duryea; and Ernest Borgnine as a sun-happy foreman.