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A Week In Film #303: Old/new

Only God Forgives title screen
Only God Forgives
Frankly, a disappointment made worse because all the reviews warned of all the things I came out thinking after watching it. Director Nicolas Winding Refn manages to retread Drive’s emotional blankness (right down to getting the exact same performance out of Ryan Gosling) but without adding much, certainly not any relief from the bleakness.

That said, it looks beautiful, and Vithaya Pansringarm as Thai cop Lieutenant Chang is all kinds of amazing. The closing scene is marvellous, and the structure and narrative arc are pleasingly outside the normal Hollywood/Western mainstream cinema frame of reference.

The ODESSA File title screen

Turgid adaptation of Freddie Forsyth’s not exactly thrill-a-minute Nazi-hunting bestseller by journeyman helmer Ronald Neame (previous project: The Poseidon Adventure; next project: Meteor), with Jon Voight in the lead as the West German journalist who accidentally happens upon a secret post-war Nazi rat run that zzzzzz… Basically, a bit boring.