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A Week In Film #362: New Yorky

A Bronx Tale title screen
A Bronx Tale
Written by Chazz Palminteri and directed by Robert De Niro (based on the former’s childhood growing up in The Bronx), it’s a low-key companion piece to flashier pieces of wiseguy nostalgia like Goodfellas. The moral of the story? Better to be poor, honest and loved than rich, crooked and dead.

Scintilla title screen
Mercenaries led by John Lynch penetrate dep within the former Soviet Union in a raid on a secret laboratory creating genetically enhanced human/alien hybrids. Promisingly ambitious SF film by Billy O’Brien.

Greedy Lying Bastards title screen
Greedy Lying Bastards
Absorbing documentary by Craig Rosenbraugh on the greenwash PR campaigns of climate change denialists and big corporate interests.

El Secreto De Sus Ojos title screen
El Secreto De Sus Ojos AKA The Secrets In Their Eyes
Set during and after Argentina’s Dirty War, this is a strong drama which draws you in as though it was a generic mystery story, but which rabbit punches you towards the end as you realise these sorts of thing went on for real.

Unfolded in flashback as well as in the present day, director Juan José Campanella introduces us to a likeably rogueish judicial service employee (Ricardo Darín), who in the 1970s has a flirtatious relationship with a rare woman judge (Soledad Villamil). Through his work we are introduced to the political atmosphere of the seventies, and to the increasingly tight grip right wing parastate entities exert over the governance of the nation. Soon they come across a ghastly crime, the truth of which is yet more ghastly, and will not be wholly revealled for many years to come.

Great support from the likes of Guillermo Francella and Javier Godino, and some impeccable photography.

El Páramo title screen
El Páramo AKA The Squad
At times dreamlike and mystical, a tale about a squad of Colombian soldiers sent to investigate an attack on a remote military post. I wasn’t really paying attention at the time, so I really should check it out again. Director Jaime Osorio Marquez definitely had a handle on the atmosphere and visuals, though.

Miller's Crossing title screen
Miller’s Crossing
Dashiell Hammett and Yojimbo as channelled by the Coen Brothers.

Jonestown: Paradise Lost title screen
Jonestown: Paradise Lost
How a socialistic community in the US became a sacked-out death cult in Guyana.

Hamburger Hill title screen
Hamburger Hill
John Irvin’s entry into the glut of 1987 Vietnam War movies, with a conventional one-small-squad-against-the-odds focus. Featuring Dylan McDermott, Courtney B Vance and Don Cheadle.