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A Week In Film #504: Astonishing

Jon Hamm is a burned out, alcoholic ex-fast stream US diplomat dragged out of crappy provincial arbitration consultancy to assist in a Civil War kidnapping fubar in 80s Lebanon. Directed by Brad Anderson from a Tony Gilroy script. Nice turns from Rosamund Pike, Dean Norris and Larry Pine, but never really seals the deal. It’s Green Zone meets Syriana by way of Die Falschung, though less exciting than that might suggest.

Manhunt: The Search For Bin Laden title screenManhunt: The Search For Bin Laden
Documentary from HBO on the CIA’s long running interest in OBL, from way before 9/11 through to his final assassination in 2011, with plenty of interesting talking heads.

The House Of War
Strong documentary about the November 2001 Gala I Jangi prison uprising in Afghanistan from photojournalist Paul Yule, pulling together eye witness accounts from journalists who were there as it happened. A lot of intense footage.

Good Morning, Afghanistan
Rookie war reporter Damien Degueldre’s take on the Qala I Jangi Taliban prison uprising – good to compare with The House Of War.