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A Week In Film #454: RWD & Dedication

Mad Max: Fury Road
George Miller’s reboot of his post-apocalyptic road warrior mythology admirably throws aside his principal character in favour of Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa, turning Tom Hardy into well-photographed eye-candy – bravo. Great effects and stunts and visualisation and design and everything, really – absolutely relentless.

The Holcroft Covenant
Picking up on my irregular mission to work through Michael Caine’s entire oeuvre, I finally finished this piece of crap after months of trying. Based on a Robert Ludlum novel about the descendants of senior Nazis being given the task of disbursing billions of dollars-worth of money stashed away for the benefit of the victims of the Holocaust, it’s directed by John Frankenheimer, who should be very ashamed. By comparison Caine gets a free pass, seeing as he was drafted in at the eleventh hour to replace James Can, who was originally going to be the leading man. Probably the only truly enjoyable moments come from Swiss actor Mario Adorf (seen by British audiences in Smiley’s People) as a particularly sweaty conductor.

The Marseille Contract
More Caine – here as a professional hitman hired by a DEA agent (Anthony Quinn) to assassinate a French drugs trafficker (James Mason) in, yes, Marseilles. Directed in a very old fashioned style by Robert Parrish (perhaps best known for the original, Tijuana-scored Casino Royale), thanks to the performances of solid actors like Quinn and Mason, there are at least movements of interest, even if the plot and script are hardly setting the world on fire with their originality.

A Week In Film #376: Stronger

Mea Culpa title screen
Mea Culpa
More Gilles Lellouche, more Vincent Lindon, this time together and as former cop partners who do things their way when faced with a brutal new crime gang in town.

The Central Park Five title screen
The Central Park Five
Looking at the rabid atmosphere in which five youngsters were convicted for a notorious New York crime.

Mad Max: Fury Road title screen
Mad Max: Fury Road
George Miller gives great reboot, and holds his nerve by basically making his near-mute title character step back whilst Charlize Theron does all the heavy lifting as new character Imperator Furiosa.

48 Hrs. title screen
48 Hrs.
None more eighties: Walter Hill directing Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte as wisecracking criminal and grizzled detective who have a certain amount of time to bust the case wide open.

Birdman title screen
Birdman (Or The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance)
Michael Keaton plays Michael Keaton in thinly disguised drama documentary about his post-Burton years. Fun stuff from Alejandro G Iñárritu.

American Ultra title screen
American Ultra
Smalltown stoner Michael Cera turns out to be a secret super agent, in a Cheech & Chong meets Long Kiss Goodnight type affair from Nima Nourizadeh and Max Landis. Kristen Stewart is good as his girlfriend, John Leguizamo as a local dealer.

Trainwreck title screen
Likeable gender-reversed romcom, with Amy Schumer and Bill Hader. Tilda Swinton does her woman-with-a-thousand-faces thing as a magazine editor.

Minions title screen
Not so great Despicable Me spin-off.