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A Week In Film #023: G20 investigations, sunshine and redecorating

The Last Boy Scout title screen

The Last Boy Scout
Shane Black scripts, Tony Scott directs, Bruce WIllis and Damon Wayans star. Better than I imagined. Something to do with corrupt politicians and American football and private detectives and stuff. Some nice deadpan actioner bons mots.

The Long Kiss Goodnight title screen

The Long Kiss Goodnight
Shane Black scripts, Renny Harlin directs, Geena Davis and Sam L Jackson star. Better than I remembered (I saw it at the Odeon when it came out). Something to do with an amnesiac government assassin, before Bourne made it sexy. Geena Davis is most enjoyable as a prim suburban housewife/teacher, and as a foxy stonecold killer. The ending is a bit meh, but everything getting us there is fun.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang title screen

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Shane Black scripts and directs, Robert Downey Jnr and Val Kilmer star. Just better all round. Something to do with a minor crook somehow ending up in Hollywood as a possible leading man in a new blockbuster by way of mistaken identity, and teaming up with a private detective as bodies start piling up. Good, old-fashioned hokey stuff.

Cloverfield title screen

Handycam, destruction of New York, scary stuff, produced by JJ Lost Abrams, cast full of nobody you’ve heard of; I thought it was great, the LLF not so.

Bongwater title screen

Early Frat Packer, with Luke Wilson as amiable weed dealer in destructive relationship with Alicia Witt. Jack Black, Andy Dick and Jamie Kennedy are all in there too.