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A Week In Film #244: A couple more

Dr. No title screen
Dr. No
The first James Bond film, and the first time ever I’ve seen it. Rather plodding compared to modern films, but absolutely sharing DNA with more recent, incessantly episodic and nonsensical 007 efforts. Something about SPECTRE blocking American missiles or something.

Red Dawn (2012) title screen
Red Dawn (2012)
The troubled remake of the silly 1980s John Milius flag-waver, and it’s pretty decent for what it is, with a bunch of small-town American teens going maverick when faced with an invasion of evil North Koreans(!). Much less unenjoyable than I’d been led to believe, but perhaps not as good overall as the Aussie Tomorrow When The War Began.

Le Chagrin Et La Pitié title screen
Le Chagrin Et La Pitié AKA The Sorrow And The Pity
Impressive 1969 documentary about occupation and collaboration in France during World War Two, featuring extensive interviews with surviving Vichystes, resistants, functionaries, civilians and soldiers on all sides. Apparently not broadcast until 1981.