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A Week In Film #286: Bread spet

Essex Boys Retribution title screen
Essex Boys Retribution
Terrible film. Quite interesting framing device – man in prison (Billy Murray) tells visiting journalist a story, leading into the meat of the movie – but ultimately the actual film is awful. A bunch of young buck gangsters in Essex try to make it big. Why? The main characters – they are arseholes. You don’t want them to succeed. They fail. Then at the final curtain, a twist! Which you don’t care about.

From prolific indie director Paul Tanter, who did the Jack and White Collar Hooligan films amongst others. Not a single interesting or decent role for a woman. Having said that, none for a man, either. Just boring.

Last Man Standing title screen
Last Man Standing
Saw this Walter Hill Prohibition era dustbowl remake of Yojimbo in the cinema, and my view of it hasn’t changed – too long, too slow, with not enough zip. Still, if seeing an orange Bruce Willis get beaten up by orange gangsters in a desolate orange town in a very orange 1930s Texas is your thing, this is the film for you. Nice Ry Cooder soundtrack.

Frozen title screen
A Disney princess movie that managed not to be treacly sweet and irritatingly patriarchal! Rather enjoyable.