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A Week In Film #365: ALL NEW!

Back In Time title screen
Back In Time
Polished documentary about Back To The Future fandom by Jason Aron.

Man From Reno title screen
Man From Reno
Convoluted modern noir )of sorts), about a Japanese crime novelist (Ayako Fujitani) and a small town sheriff (Pepe Serna) who become embroiled in a murder mystery in Nevada. Decent effort by nipponophile director Dave Boyle.

Gang Related title screen
Gang Related
Final film appearance of Tupac Shakur, who stars with James Belushi as a pair of bent cops who dig themselves into a hole. No Citizen Kane, but fair genre work from Jim Kouf.

Kung Fury title screen
Kung Fury
Impeccably detailed in style, tone and look, an affectionate pastiche of eighties martial arts action movies, by Swedish helmsman David Sandberg.

Super title screen
Covering similar ground to Kick-Ass, which it predates, with mild-mannered nobody Rainn Wilson becoming a costumed avenger. Superpowers he has not, leading to various painful encounters. Elle Page is superb as the enthusiastic young woman who attaches herself to him as a sidekick; Kevin Bacon is also good as the bemused local crime boss (all very modest and little league stuff) with whom his wife has shacked up with. Decent and affectionate stuff from James Gunn.