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A Week In Film #016: A trifle disappointing

Heaven's Gate title screen

Heaven’s Gate
Ian Bone, you let me down! Michael Cimino’s studio-bankrupting revisionist Western about the Johnson County War has lots of nice ideas, it just doesn’t pull them together very satisfyingly (inaudible dialogue, dull editing, no finesse in the pace etc). Still, it’s a good class war fable.

Die Hard 4.0 title screen

Die Hard 4.0
Bloody awful reboot of the John McClane franchise, with yet another unconnected script hamfisted into a DH template. It’s all about cyberterror.

Fargo title screen

One of the Coen Bros’ finest, featuring Minnesota Nice, a pregnant police chief, woodchipper business, a botched loan fraud/fake kidnapping scam and Mike Yanagita FTW!