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A Week In Film #223: Spring in the step

Interview With The Vampire title screen
Interview With The Vampire
My first exposure to the Twilight of the 90s, with Brad Pitt the sensitive bloodsucker keen to tell a 20th century journalist (Christian Slater) all about his centuries-long torment as a vampire, having been turned by Tom Cruise.

Far less bad than I feared, with touching elements, like the relationship with Claudia (Kirsten Dunst), a young girl turned before she hit puberty and so condemned never to become a woman. Bit long and samey, though. Directed by Neil Jordan – not my favourite.

The Final Destination title screen
The Final Destination AKA Final Destination 4
More silly shocks, not the best of the series, not the worst, some impressive set pieces from stuntman-turned-director David R Ellis, who also did the second one (my favourite) and Cellular, which was a tasty little action-thriller.