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A Week In Film #361: Curate’s egg

Kiss Of Death title screen
Kiss Of Death
David Caruso left the comfort of NYPD Blue to make this in an attempt to build himself a Hollywood career. Didn’t really work. He’s an ex-con trying to go straight, who is enticed into naughtiness by asthmatic bad guy Nicolas Cage. Directed by Barbara Schroeder, with Samuel L Jackson, Stanley Tucci, Ving Rhames and Helen Hunt.

Jedi Junkies title screen
Jedi Junkies
Somewhat uninspiring – dull, even – documentary about
Star Wars enthusiasts.

Best Laid Plans title screen
Best Laid Plans (1999)
Clever little thriller with Josh Brolin, Reese Witherspoon and Alessandro Nivola.

Hits title screen
Small-town blue collar worker accidentally becomes an online sensation after posting a video rant about potholes on YouTube; cue invasion of self-facilitating media nodes and angry daughter. Matt Walsh (the crap comms officer from Veep) is out-of-his-depth Dave, with David Cross debuting as writer-director.

Hudson Hawk title screen
Hudson Hawk
Turns out there’s a good reason who this screwball-influenced Bruce Willis vehicle about a bunch of weirdo villains trying to get hold of an apocryphal Da Vinci machine that makes gold was considered such a turkey.