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A Week In Film #157: Quiet bidets

Finding Nemo
Pixar film. Motherless fish gets separated from dad. Tries to get back home. Quite good.

Spielberg’s breakthrough picture – a crap-looking fake killer shark, judicious fast editing, that music, just the right number of fake climaxes, a fine Hitchcock zoom, a perfect trio of leads… That’s some bad hat, Harry!

Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t have the overfamiliarity of Silence Of The Lambs, but I think I may prefer this Starling/Lector murder porn over its predecessor.

Julianne Moore is, dare I say it, more enjoyable than Jodie Foster, and better suits the whole absurd grand guignol goings on – Verger, Pazzi, Krendler and all those pigs… Talking of pork, Hopko stinks the place up with fetid ham aromas as usual, but it’s more forgivable with this sort of nonsense.

The Trouble With Harry
One of my favourite Hitchcocks – a sweet story of some small-town folks and a corpse. Simply delightful.

The Omen
The original! The best! Antichrist, jackal-mother, crazed priest, nosey pap, angry apes, tricycle-and-goldfish-bowl gag, falling spire, flying glass…

What’s not to like? Pulp filmmaking at its best. Take a bow, Richard Donner.

A Week In Film #005: Adventing your frustration

The Silence Of The Lambs title screen
The Silence Of The Lambs
Anthony Hopkins hamming it up, Jodie Foster doing the wet eyed thing whilst hunting down a poodle-loving serial killer.

Hannibal title screen
Anthony Hopkins turns the ham up to eleven. At least Ridley Scott has a sense of humour about it all. Julianne Moore is a refreshing change from La Foster. Gary Oldman and Ray Liotta are enjoyablly camp, and there’s that fellow who was the obnoxious state governor in Oz too.

Hannibal Rising title screen
Hannibal Rising
Impressively bad Hannibal Lecter prequel, with a previously hidden element of Bushido and all that. The wartime Lituanian stuff is mildly diverting, and there’s a sort of a 51st State reunion.

The Mighty Quinn title screen
The Mighty Quinn
Breezy but inconsequential lightweight stuff about a caribbean island police chief (Denzel Washington) investigating a murder in which his best friend is prime suspect. Plays up the Lilt advert stereotypes.

American History X title screen
American History X
Overdone American skinhead melodrama. Edwards Norton and Furlong are watchable, but it’s much less good than I’d been led to believe. That fat scientologist friend of Jason Lee is an extraordinarily unlikeable rocks-for-brains nazi.

Le Samouraï title screen
Le Samouraï
Alain Delon as an existentialist French hitman-for-hire, who (let’s face it) fucks up big time. Blatantly ripped off for Leon and Ghost Dog.

Blow Out title screen
Blow Out
Brian De Palma melds Blow Up to The Conversation by way of The Parallax View, JFK conspiracies and Chappaquiddick tittle tattle. Nancy Allen is hugely enjoyable. Travolta is wooden. John Lithgow is a very scary bad guy.

Devil In A Blue Dress title screen
Devil In A Blue Dress
Denzel Washington as reluctant gumshoe Easy Rawlins in postwar South Central LA. No Chinatown, but good.

Ricochet title screen
Astonishingly bad (but breezy) thriller with Denzel Washington a hero cop turned pariah DA, framed by psycho bad chap John Lithgow.