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A Week In Film #461: Strong out the gate

Good Burger
Silly but overall inoffensive Kenan & Kel vehicle, with the pair of buffoons working a summer job at a local fast food restaurant facing ruin when a huge new Mondo Burger outlet opens across the road…

The Day Of The Jackal title screen
The Day Of The Jackal
Fred Zinnemann adapts Frederick Forsyth’s rollicking based-on-real-events thriller with real verve, and keeps the tension running throughout. Edward Fox is ice-cold as the English hitman hired by right-wing OAS goons to assassinate De Gaulle following his treacherous withdrawal from Algeria.

The Mask
Silly early Jim Carrey star vehicle, adapted from a Dark Horse comic about a mask that turns its wearer looney tunes. With Cameron Diaz, Peter Greene, and some other people. Not really sure I could précis the plot. Directed by Chuck Russell.

Sicario title screen
Watched Denis Villeneuve’s Traffik-esque tale of the war against drugs fought on the US-Mexico border as a bit of a warm-up before Blade Runner 2049. Can’t make up my mind whether it really is fascist cheerleading, or a particularly bleak and pessimistic parable, or just very cynical. I think probably the middle one, though the tripling down on the ending suggests something of a wobble in intent. Some great set pieces, though – Arizona, border crossing, post-bar, tunnels, Mexican road – and some strong performances (Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin). Superb score by Jóhann Jóhannsson too.

Serpico title screen
Sidney Lumet, Al Pacino and a pre-gentrification city of New York in perfect harmony.

Jawbone title screen
Starring, written and produced by Johnny Harris – though director Thomas Q Napper deserves a shout too – this is a fine drama about a has-been, coulda-been boxer who has a chance of redemption. It’s not ‘the British Rocky, and no less great for that. Superb supporting performances from Michael Smiley, Ian McShane and even Ray Winstone.