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A Week In Film #331: More guys’ nights

Dirty Pretty Things title screen
Dirty Pretty Things
Chiwetel Ejiofor as an undocumented Nigerian immigrant caught up in shady business as he works as a night porter in an upmarket London hotel. With Audrey Tatou, Benedict Wong, Sergi López, Sophie Okonedo and Zlatko Buric, directed by Stephen Frears, written by Stephen Knight.

Frozen title screen
Top notch modern, feminist-inflected Disney princess animation.

Planes title screen
Aerial retread of Cars.

A Week In Film #286: Bread spet

Essex Boys Retribution title screen
Essex Boys Retribution
Terrible film. Quite interesting framing device – man in prison (Billy Murray) tells visiting journalist a story, leading into the meat of the movie – but ultimately the actual film is awful. A bunch of young buck gangsters in Essex try to make it big. Why? The main characters – they are arseholes. You don’t want them to succeed. They fail. Then at the final curtain, a twist! Which you don’t care about.

From prolific indie director Paul Tanter, who did the Jack and White Collar Hooligan films amongst others. Not a single interesting or decent role for a woman. Having said that, none for a man, either. Just boring.

Last Man Standing title screen
Last Man Standing
Saw this Walter Hill Prohibition era dustbowl remake of Yojimbo in the cinema, and my view of it hasn’t changed – too long, too slow, with not enough zip. Still, if seeing an orange Bruce Willis get beaten up by orange gangsters in a desolate orange town in a very orange 1930s Texas is your thing, this is the film for you. Nice Ry Cooder soundtrack.

Frozen title screen
A Disney princess movie that managed not to be treacly sweet and irritatingly patriarchal! Rather enjoyable.