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A Week In Film #353: Gold nugget

Hyena title screen
A sort of British The Shield, with Peter Ferdinando as a bent cop trying (but failing) to justify his corruption as a sluice gate in a dam that holds back depravity. Excellent follow up from the team who made serial killer character study Tony. Makes me want to see more Gerard Johnson films.

The Guvnors title screen
The Guvnors
Doesn’t really go anywhere, but has a sense of seriousness – even though it’s about middle aged football hooligans and all that. Doug Allen is a second string player at best, normally, but he steps up to the plate here. Harley Sylvester from Rizzle Kicks is pretty good as the ambitious and violent young gang leader with no respect for anyone. Written and directed by Gabe Turner, and hinting at interesting things.

Free Birds title screen
Free Birds
Moderately amusing Reel FX CGI animated comedy about an escaped, delusional turkey.

Return Of The Jedi title screen
Return Of The Jedi
The teddy bear one.


A Week In Film #275: Steady now

Free Birds title screen
Free Birds
Amusing second string animated CGI business from second string production house Reel FX, with some turkeys trying to avoid getting chopped up, and time travel, a bit of history, animal liberation politics and funny voices by Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson and Amy Poehler.