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A Week In Film #157: Quiet bidets

Finding Nemo
Pixar film. Motherless fish gets separated from dad. Tries to get back home. Quite good.

Spielberg’s breakthrough picture – a crap-looking fake killer shark, judicious fast editing, that music, just the right number of fake climaxes, a fine Hitchcock zoom, a perfect trio of leads… That’s some bad hat, Harry!

Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t have the overfamiliarity of Silence Of The Lambs, but I think I may prefer this Starling/Lector murder porn over its predecessor.

Julianne Moore is, dare I say it, more enjoyable than Jodie Foster, and better suits the whole absurd grand guignol goings on – Verger, Pazzi, Krendler and all those pigs… Talking of pork, Hopko stinks the place up with fetid ham aromas as usual, but it’s more forgivable with this sort of nonsense.

The Trouble With Harry
One of my favourite Hitchcocks – a sweet story of some small-town folks and a corpse. Simply delightful.

The Omen
The original! The best! Antichrist, jackal-mother, crazed priest, nosey pap, angry apes, tricycle-and-goldfish-bowl gag, falling spire, flying glass…

What’s not to like? Pulp filmmaking at its best. Take a bow, Richard Donner.