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A Week In Film #411: Moved

Menace II Society title screen
Menace II Society
I remember this early Hughes Brothers film – about young friends growing up in the South Central LA ‘hood with increasingly divergent values – as being significantly better than it seems to be watching it now. Shame. Memorable performance from Larenz Tate as O-Dog.

Narc title screen
Joe Carnahan’s excellent low budget crime thriller – more or less shot guerrilla-style – stands the set of time, thanks in large part to the performances of its two leads, Jason Patric and Ray Liotta, the precision of Carnahan’s creative vision, and the abilities of his cinematographer Alex Nepomniaschy and his editor John Gilroy in enabling him to realise that vision.

Final Destination title screen
Final Destination
Silly, throwaway, but an exhilarating ride nonetheless – a horror film with a hook; a kid has premonitions of bad stuff, cheats death, but death wants a rematch. From screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick, tightened up by X Files veterans James Wong and Glen Morgan, with a largely likeable and (at the time) not over-exposed young cast which includes Devon Sara, Ali Larter and Sean William Scott. Tasty cameos for Tony Todd and Roger Guenveur Smith.

Sphere title screen
Frankly dull and definitely half-baked SF nonsense, adapted from a Michael Crichton novel, about some alien spacecraft crashed at the bottom of the sea and a multi-disciplinary team of experts sent to make contact with the extra-terrestrials, etc. Definitely not Barry Levinson’s finest hour, and neither is it Dustin Hoffman’s or Sharon Stone’s. Just boring and nonsensical.

A Week In Film #193: Terror

Okay, so I watched the full teleseries rather than the theatrical trim, but it’s all gravy. I know some people whine about the film politically, but dude was a gun for hire, so meh.

Anyhoo, I like it. There’s some cool shit, and the fat Carlos stuff, and plenty of WHAT A DICK stuff too. That to me is a balanced meal. Édgar Ramírez is great.

Final Destination
Never seen it before, got the trilogy box set for the LLF as she’d mentioned she was a fan. Anyway, much less bad than I’d imagined, with some inventive deaths. Silly ending.

Final Destination 2
More fun than the first, and rattles along faster. Even better deaths. Directed by ex-stuntman David R Ellis (later to do Cellular), with more brio. Still silly.

Final Destination 3
Still quite enjoyable, liked the tip of the cap to The Omen, but obviously rather silly.