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A Week In Film #468: Births, deaths & marriages

Final Destination 2 title screen
Final Destination 2
Some great scares and shocks, but overall a weak entry in the franchise.

No One Lives
Potentially good horror movie, but ultimately one long fumble from director Ryuhei Kitamura. A mysterious drifter (Luke Evans, High-Rise) turns out not to be the pushover a feral gang of rural hoodlums think he is. The movie then unfolds in furtherance of its Ronseal title.

A Week In Film #193: Terror

Okay, so I watched the full teleseries rather than the theatrical trim, but it’s all gravy. I know some people whine about the film politically, but dude was a gun for hire, so meh.

Anyhoo, I like it. There’s some cool shit, and the fat Carlos stuff, and plenty of WHAT A DICK stuff too. That to me is a balanced meal. Édgar Ramírez is great.

Final Destination
Never seen it before, got the trilogy box set for the LLF as she’d mentioned she was a fan. Anyway, much less bad than I’d imagined, with some inventive deaths. Silly ending.

Final Destination 2
More fun than the first, and rattles along faster. Even better deaths. Directed by ex-stuntman David R Ellis (later to do Cellular), with more brio. Still silly.

Final Destination 3
Still quite enjoyable, liked the tip of the cap to The Omen, but obviously rather silly.