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A Week In Film #231: BOOKFAIR

End Of Watch title screen

End Of Watch
‘The Colors for the twenty-first century,’ my mate Mike said. TBF it is, rather – and that’s not an insult. Great central relationship between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña as two LA cops, cruising around and winding each other up. Err – that’s basically it. The crime’s in the background, mostly (though obviously it all comes to the fore in the end).

Definitely the best of David Ayer’s three directing efforts, probably the best of his writing gigs.

The Three Musketeers title screen

The Three Musketeers
Fun, silly, knockabout nonsense, with a young Michael York teaming up with Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlain and Frank Finlay (plus Roy Kinnear as poor old Planchet) for some chandelier-swinging and sword-waggling. Richard Lester’s idiosyncratic direction works well here…

The Four Musketeers title screen

The Four Musketeers
…though less well here – which is odd seeing as it was all done at the same time and only subsequently reedited into two separate films at the behest of the Salkinds. Despite a much darker tone, it just feels too much like some offcuts from the first movie, with the same visual tics, the same peculiarly overdone ADR, the same gags.