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A Week In Film #439: Nothing original

Tak3n title screen
More Liam Neeson silliness, with Besson protégé Oliver Megaton the appropriately-monickered helmsman once again. This time round someone has targeted ex-Cia hardman Bryan Mills’ ex-wife (Fame Janssen), and fabricated evidence pointing to him, so before you know it he’s darting around causing mayhem and offing bad guys and generally being a badass. No Albanians, but there are former Spetsnaz mercenaries.

Edge Of Darkness title screen
Edge Of Darkness
Martin Campbell manages to suck all of the nuance and subtlety and sophistication of his acclaimed 1980s TV series (penned by Troy Kennedy Martin) out of this 2010 remake. Mel Gibson is no Bob Peck, Ray Winstone has no chance to inhabit Jedburgh, there’s cardboard cut-out bad guys, and it’s all a waste of time and money and effort, even if there is one mildly exciting action sequence.

A Week In Film #104: Gunpowder, treason & plot

Quite amusing, enjoyable screwball/long con comedy-drama, with ex-CIA spook Julia Roberts and former MI6 officer Clive Owen coming together for some private sector espionage high jinks. Bourne scriptwriter Tony Gilroy – who impressed with his directorial debut the dark, dour Michael Clayton – shows off a lightness of touch.

Edge Of Darkness
Martin Campbell pisses on the memory of his excellent 80s nuclear securocrat state environmentalist conspiracy/paranoia thriller TV series with a two hour rehash. A two hour rehash with Mel Gibson in the lead! With no tension! With a really crappy ending!