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A Week In Film #119: Fire in the belly

What Doesn’t Kill You
Directorial debut from character actor Brian Goodman, and it’s a semi-autobiographical flick about lower tier Boston Irish mobsters Ethan Hawke and Mark Ruffalo. Pretty good stuff, nothing too flashy or moralistic.

Midnight Run
One of my favourite 1980s action comedies, with Robert De Niro playing against type as a divorced, dyspeptic bounty hunter trying to bring in crooked bookkeeper Charles Grodin under the noses of both the Mob and the Feds. Fun, with a great core duo.

Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here
The first series was great, the second less so, the third so-so; and now there are three feature-length, self-contained TV movies, this being the first. Unfortunately, whereas the series are about long character-based story arcs, in comparison a ninety minute film just doesn’t have time to get to grips with much of anything. Basically it’s just a police procedural – in this case about the 1998 killing of Victorian cops Gary Silk and Rod Miller – and not a particularly engaging one.

Inside Story: Dogs Of War
Old fashioned documentary looking at the foreign volunteers fighting for the Croatian side during the Yugoslav Civil War.

Travels With My Camera: Dying For The Truth
Journalist John Sweeney investigates the death of photographer Paul Jenks, who was covering the Yugoslav Civil War when he died in suspicious circumstance near Osijek in Slavonia, where a right-wing Croatian paramilitary group was sponsoring a group of international volunteers with assistance from a pan-European fascist network.