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A Week In Film #106: Back From The Big City

Die Hard
Can’t beat a bit of John McClane versus Hans Gruber action. John McTiernan ramps up the action and keep the pace going even more frenetically than he did on Predator, Willis rocks the sweaty vest look, and Rickman masters big screen performance first attempt, no run up.

Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Of course, if you want to nearly ruin a franchise, and Joel Schumacher isn’t available, you call in Renny Harlin. Despite swiping all the best tropes and twists from the first film, D2 just never hits the same stride, and drags like a mofo.

Weird Science
Not John Hughes’ best, but fun (though you do have to turn off the gender politics part of your brain if you’re going to enjoy it).

Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith are really good as friendless-but-for-each-other high school geeks who decide to get Doctor Frankenstein on Barbie’s arse (with the help of some 1337 WarGames-style h4x0r skillz) and create their own perfect woman. Why they ended up with Kelly LeBrock is anyone’s guess, but hey ho. Bill Paxton is lolworthy as dickhead older brother Chet, there’s Robert Downey Jnr and the guy from Vamp as more popular, hip boys from school, plus the biker gang invasion bit, complete with Mad Max 2 dude and the lumpy-headed fellow from The Hills Have Eyes.