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A Week In Film #254: Elbląg canvas

Czarny Czwartek: Janek Wiśniewski Padł title screen

Czarny Czwartek: Janek Wiśniewski Padł AKA Black Thursday: Janek Wiśniewski Fell
Very powerful 2011 Polish film harking back to the protests that seized the country in 1970 over ever-rising prices – which led to the deaths of many demonstrators and strikers as the ruling Communist Party cracked down on dissent mercilessly.

The film’s title would suggest that Janek Wiśniewski is the main character – but in fact he is just one young man cut down amongst many, and we never even ‘meet’ him until he is already dead. Janek Wiśniewski was not even his real name. Instead, we mostly focus on one family tangentially (and horrifically) caught up in events.

Interesting enough that I want to see more Antoni Krauze films and read up on 1970.