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A Week In Film #041: Kracow one off

GoldenEye title screen

Pierce Brosnan makes his Bond debut, with a memorable pre-credits dam bungee jump, and Famke Janssen as a delicious villain, Xenia Onatopp. Sean Bean unsuccessfully tries an RP accent yet again.

Swingers title screen

Writer-actor Jon Favreau teams up with real-life friends Vince Vaughn, Ron Livingston and Patrick Van Horn in this tight little Doug Liman film about a band of struggling wannabes in Hollywoood. Funnier than that sounds. Heather Graham is good as a woman who helps Favreau get over a broken heart.

Crank: High Voltage title screen

Crank: High Voltage
Neveldine & Taylor return with another high energy, high concept, tongue-in-cheek, videogame-style actioner about the unfortunate Chev Chelios. This time Chev (The Stath) has had his heart removed after the fall from the helicopter that closed the first picture – and he wants it back.

Far superior and definitely more fun than other similarly pitched movies like Shoot ‘Em Up and Wanted. Amy Smart is enjoyable as Chev’s girlfriend Eve, and there are decent new characters like Efren Ramirez as Venus, and Bai Ling as Ria, the foul-mouthed hooker who latches onto Chev despite his best efforts to ditch her.

Green Street 2: Stand Your Ground title screen

Green Street 2: Hold Your Ground
Okay, so this was a sequel I really didn’t need to see, following up from a hooligan film I really should have avoided. Ludicrous. Counsellor Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation turns up as an evil screw in a Deep South-styled prison, where our lovable bunch of Irons-affiliated football thugs, led by Ross McCall from Band Of Brothers, get into some kind of turf war with a larger band of Millwall lumps. Manages to regurgitate half-remembered bits of Scum and Cool Hand Luke in the manner of the remade Mean Machine.