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A Week In Film #305: Fresh meat

Cold In July title screen
Cold In July
Exceptionally strong drama from Jim Mickle, working from a source novel by Joe R Lansdale, with Michael C Hall as an ordinary man who finds himself out of his depth after protecting his family from a burglar. Sam Shepard and Don Johnson round off a musky main cast.

Out Of The Furnace title screen
Out Of The Furnace
Steel worker Christian Bale and his soldier brother Casey Affleck must deal with the travails of modern life in a Pennsylvanian backwater when pressures from local fixer Willem Dafoe and out-of-town gangster Woody Harrelson – not to mention the cop (Forest Whitaker) now dating Bale’s ex (Zoe Saldana). At its heart, a melodrama – but Scott Cooper directs everything with energy and draws edginess out of his cast well.

Wrong Cops title screen
Wrong Cops
Very odd, disjointed, episodic but compelling weirdness about a bunch of idiot cops doing idiotic and odd things. Quentin Dupieux directs a bunch of people including Jon Lajoie, Éric Judor and Marilyn Manson.

All The President’s Men title screen
All The President’s Men
Did I mention dioptric lenses?