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A Week In Film #363: Back office treats

Kajaki title screen
Very impressive low budget, no big name based-on-real-events drama about a small unit of British soldiers on patrol in Afghanistan who find themselves trapped in a minefield. Screenwriter Tom Williams and first time feature director Paul Katis choreograph everything with aplomb, avoiding all the gung ho cliches of war movies whilst nailing the camaraderie of friends under fire. A movie with real heart stopping moments.

The Edge title screen
The Edge
Cerebral billionaire Anthony Hopkins goes on a birthday trip out into Alaska with assorted hangers-on and friends; shit goes south and they end up lost in the wilderness with an angry bear on their trail. With Alec Baldwin, Elle McPherson, Harold Perinea and Bart the Bear, directed by Lee Tamahori from a David Mamet script. So-so.

Closed Circuit
Not bad post-War on Terror update on the 70s style of paranoia/conspiracy thriller movie, with Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall as a pair of lawyers and ex-lovers who must defend a client from charges relating to a bomb attack on Borough Market. John Crowley’s previous work includes Altmanesque Irish drama Intermission and dark-as-pitch Bulger murder analogue Boy A.