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A Week In Film #497: Albuquerque

The Battle Of Chosin
Interesting documentary about the early stages of the Chinese intervention in the Korean War, with Mao’s People’s Volunteer Army (LOL) being sent in vast numbers to defend against a relentless American advance into the north-east of the peninsula. SPOILER ALERT: Shitloads of people die, and it’s not all over by Christmas.

Capricorn One
Cheerily hokey SF nonsense, very much of its time (Watergate, JFK, Vietnam), about a conspiracy to fake a failed mission to Mars. Unfortunately no one cared to tell the astronauts until the day they were due to blast off… Peter Hyams directs, Sam Waterston, OJ Simpson and James Brolin are the rocket jockeys, Elliott Gould is a wisecracking reporter trying to BUST THIS WHOLE THING WIDE OPEN, and Telly Savalas gets a third reel opportunity to steal the show in a cameo as a scenery-chewing crop-duster.

Gotti (1996)
So-so TV movie biopic about the rise and fall of the ‘Teflon Don’ – played by Armand Assante. Solidly cast includes Bill Forsythe as Sammy The Bull, Anthony Quinn as Neil Dellacroce, and Richard C Sarafian as Paul Castellano. Nothing spectacular.

Team Foxcatcher
Interesting documentary by Jon Greenhaigh, which serves as a counterpoint to the dramatic feature Foxcatcher, about John du Pont, the rich dude who sponsored the American Olympic wrestling team in the 1990s. Focuses a lot more on Dave Schultz, the guy he ultimately murdered, rather than his younger brother Mark.